Our school community

Newton Central School is a vibrant and diverse community. We celebrate our difference. The school strives for quality teaching and learning and is committed to children reaching their full potential through educational excellence.

The staff are known to our children on a 'first name' basis. We believe this allows children access to us without the traditional power block of being 'Miss, Mrs, or Mr'. It is successful for us and important to our relationships with children.

The school is a decile 8 primary school operating in the urban setting of Central Auckland. The school comprises a Full Immersion Māori medium pathway, a Bilingual English/Māori medium pathway and an English medium pathway.

Our school currently has an enrolment scheme in place. Our current student role is about 300 students.

Māori language education draws children from a wider catchment area. Demand for quality immersion and partial immersion education continues and the school is committed to meeting the demand within our resources.

Our school community has a commitment to enhancement and beautification of the environment. As a result a flourishing native forest regeneration project, a tropical garden, a permaculture and orchard site are now well established.

Some of the unique features of our school

The school is organised in whānau groupings as follows:

English medium pathway: Whānau Marama Year 4-6, Whānau Ako Year 3-4, Whānau Nohinohi Year 0-2.

Full Immersion Māori medium pathway: Te Whānau Rumaki O Te Uru Karaka Year 0-6.

Bilingual English/Māori medium pathway: Whānau Awa Hou Year 0-6.

Special Needs Education involves meeting the learning needs of all children to assist their progress and development. It is an area of priority at our school and a large amount of resources are allocated to meeting children's individual needs.

The school is committed to providing inclusive education for all children and as such teachers can be expected to have children with significant needs in their room.

Our students

The school roll is currently 242. We expect to reach 280-300 by the end of this school year and to maintain this roll for reasons of feasibility.

At present there are 20 nationalities in the school, with NZ European (36.5%), NZ Māori (36.5%), Pasifika (14%), Indian (4%) and Asian (3.5%) making 94.5%. Our community is diverse not only in ethnicities, but also in the range of socio-economic groups and family structures.

Our staff

In 2016, our school has 20 teaching positions. These include the Principal, Deputy Prinicpal, Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Reading Recovery, Māori medium English Transition, Mathematics Support Teacher and Classroom Release Time. The Board of Trustees through the Māori medium funding employ a Director of Māori Medium Education responsible for the management and development of all Māori medium education. The Board also funds a role of student advocate to ensure that student well-being, both physical and emotional, is given high priority.

Highlights in the school calendar

  • Every term begins with a whole school Pōwhiri to formally welcome new students and their families to our school.
  • In every odd year our Year 5 and 6 students go on a residential adventure camp somewhere in the Auckland region.
  • A 'Parent/Teacher/Child Goal Setting meeting' is held at the beginning of the year.
  • Our biannual concert/production is a large-scale event, where students perform in whānau groups or class groups. Each child in the school participates in this event and is celebrated as a performer.
  • In a student’s time at Newton they will stay overnght at a local marae.
  • A FiaFia/Family day is held each year. This is an opportunity for the entire school community to come together and celebrate our students and our collective achievements. So keep an eye and ear out for news on dates to be confirmed for 2016.
  • Throughout the year the school hosts a number of sporting events.