Reporting and Homework

Reporting To Parents

We believe that the education of your child involves both home and school. For this reason, we try to report fully to you about work and attitude at school.

This year you will receive the following reports on progress:

Term 1:

  • Meet theTeacher / Goal Setting - Thursday 27th February - Week 4

Term 3:

  • Mid Year Report - Friday 28th July Week 2
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews - Thursday 14th August 2:00 - 8pm Week 2

Term 4:

  • Final Written Report - Friday 24th October Week 2
  • Optional Parent/Teacher Interviews: aAn interview slip will go home with each report giving parent the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher.

Please contact your child’s teacher to arrange a time to meet if you would like to discuss any aspect of their schooling, throughout the year.


We believe in homework at Newton. However, it may not always be the traditional homework and you may not be provided with homework sheets for your child. Instead, the school urge parents to be involved in their child's learning.

Types of homework tasks may include:


  • Young readers — spend 15 minutes reading with your child in a friendly, positive manner.
  • Older readers — silent reading.
  • Discuss your child's book, get to know what they enjoyed, locate favourite sections, retell.
  • Library and reading books.
  • Learning tables, basic facts and spelling words. Playing games that include these skills, e.g. scrabble, boggle, card games, etc.

Spend time helping your child

  • Make or create something that is related to the class's unit study.
  • Prepare for class news/panui.
  • Complete independent unit work, e.g. written assignment, poster, PowerPoint etc.

Monitor your child's

  • Bed times — appropriate for their age. Tired children struggle to learn and participate in school life. Primary school-aged children's bedtime should be 7:30pm – 8:30pm.
  • TV — watching more than 10 hours of television per week is harmful and regresses learning.

Electronic devices

  • Screen time – be aware of length of time, content and the hour devices are being used.
  • Age – check recommendations of software and websites.