Recreation & Health


We have an excellent swimming pool with a very modern filtration system. Swimming is a compulsory part of the Health & Physical Education Curriculum — to learn the skills of swimming and survival in the water. If you have a reason for your child not to swim, please let their teacher know.

Medication in School

To administer any prescribed medication, the school requires parental permission detailing information on dosage/volume and frequency. Admin staff will administer medication in the office area. For safety and security, all medication is to be held at the office, including asthma inhalers.

Dental Nurse

There is no "on-site" dental clinic facility at Newton. If your child requires dental care, please phone 376-6327. Throughout the year, a mobile team undertakes dental screening of all children. Any treatment will require you to take your child to the Ponsonby Intermediate Community School Dental Clinic, 33 Sheehan St, Ponsonby. Dental care is free for children aged up to 17 years.

Public Health Nurse

Talk to your doctor for any health care concerns as our Public Health Nurse Service has changed. The school can email the Public Health Nurse to contact you for a visit if there are any health-related concerns. A good website for information is The school's policy is to report to the Public Health Nurse and Children's and Young Persons' Service in all cases where it seems children have been neglected or ill-treated.

Speech Therapy Clinic

If you are worried about aspects of your child's speech development, talk with the classroom teacher, who will speak with SENCO to complete the referral form and necessary screening assessments.


Smoking is prohibited on school property.