Permaculture - The Māra

Permaculture Development

Te Whanau Rumaki o Te Uru Karaka established the garden in 2000.

The tamariki, kaiako and whānau of both our Māori Medium pathways maintain the organic composting vegetable plot rotation garden over the year. Māori seasonal ceremonies around food harvesting are part of the annual teaching programme. The school distributes food harvested from its gardens to kaiako, tamariki and local community members.

You can see some photos of the growing and planting on our Gallery page.

A school-wide composting collection system is integrated to assist with the ongoing composting and worm farm development and use in the day-to-day gardening and maintenance.

Inner City Forest

Our forest is now in its 22nd year of existence and regeneration is evident in the increasing number of self-seeding species and the return of the native birds tui, tiwaiwaka, kotare and kereru to our school grounds – right in the heart of Auckland Central (tui, fantail, kingfisher and wood pigeon).

Each child who has attended the school over the past two decades has planted a tree either individually or with friends, family or the wider community.

Our forest is a place of learning, sporting activities and celebrations and used daily by our community.

You can see some photos of the forest on our Gallery page.