Lunches: A packed lunch needs to be provided every day from home for every child attending school. On Tuesdays and Fridays you can choose to purchase pasta instead (see below). Parents are asked not to provide sweets or lollies as part of lunch.

Drinks: Sugary drinks, especially cans of ‘fizzy’ drinks with high sugar levels are not welcome at school. We prefer water bottles instead. We also have water fountains outside the classrooms.


Ezlunch is a convenient and affordable way to have healthy, hot and cold, lunches delivered directly to your school. Simply join ezlunch, order online or by text message, and a freshly prepared lunch will be on its way to your child’s classroom. Place your order any time up to 9.00am for the current day or use the online calendar to set up meals for the whole term. Questions or comments to
Helpdesk 8.00am-4.00pm on 475 5287, during term time.

Pane & Vino Pasta & Pizza Orders

Please print and read this flyer about online ordering for pizzas and pasta. When you order five pastas or pizzas for your kids from Pane & Vino, they will get one free.


You can now order sushi online, Fridays only, through YQ — the sushi is provided by Wow Wow Sushi, Dominion Road. We are still taking cash on a Tuesday only at the moment but do encourage parents to order online.

Tips For Eco Shopping & Lunches

Want to help out the planet, the teachers, the caretakers and the students? Here are some ideas for eco shopping and eco lunches.

  • Take a lot of green cloth bags, keep them in the car all the time and go and get them even if you forget them in the car.
  • Buy loose vegetables and loose fruit and put them straight into green bags not into small plastic bags.
  • Buy whole vegetables and fruit, not halved and packaged into black trays or glad wrap. The polystyrene does not biodegrade at all and similarly glad wrap takes the longest time to break down.
  • Try to buy meat from butcher and not in the black totally unbiodegradable trays.
  • Don’t buy those cute 10 -12 packets of little chippies, biscuits, crackers etc. The amount of packaging is terrible at school. Instead buy whole packets of chips, crackers, biscuits and use some each day. This is much cheaper too!
  • At the check out empty your loose fruit and vegetables out to be weighed and packed straight into your spare green bags. Smile at any impatient people, and it explain it takes a little extra time to look after the earth.
  • Send lunches to school in paper bags or reusable lunch boxes not plastic bags.
  • If it needs it, wrap food in paper lunch wrap, which does biodegrade, and which keeps food fresh enough, or use airtight containers.
  • Use whole food as much as possible: carrots, apples, tomatoes, celery with their skins left on as it is full of the vitamins and nutrients and doesn’t need any wrapping.
  • Only buy recyclable yoghurt pots and recyclable drink containers. Tetra packs are not usually recyclable.
  • Students are asked to take all their own rubbish home to lessen the load at school.