Hours, Absences, Fees, Stationery

School Hours

School starts 0800
Morning interval 1055 to 1135
Lunch break 1305 to 1345
School finishes 1500

Arrival time is to be between 0830 and 0855. Students not collected after school are to go to the office and you will be contacted. A bell is rung at 1510 for all students to come down to the office to be collected and parents will be contacted.


Contact the school office from 0700 on the morning of the day your child/children will be absent: phone 378-6883 or text 027 311 5610.

  • If your child/ren need to be away from school because they are sick or have an appointment, please phone the school on each day of absence.
  • If your child/ren are absent due to a family event such as a tangi or funeral, please write and sign a note for the school confirming how long your child/ren are expected to be away and giving the reason.
  • If your child/ren are sick for more than 3 days, a doctor’s certificate is required.
  • If your child/ren are going to have a long period of time off school, you must request leave in writing prior to the date from the Principal.
Unjustified Non-Attendance: Non-attendance that is unexplained (truancy) or not explained to the satisfaction of the Principal can be referred to the Ministry of Education's Attendance Service.

School Fees

The Board of Trustees has set these fees:

School Fees/Donations FIRST CHILD FROM
High income $82.50 per term
$330 per year
$41.25 per term
$165 per year
Middle income $55 per term
$220 per year
$27.50 per term
$110 per year
Lower income families
and families on benefits
$27.50 per term
$110 per year
$14.37 per term 
$55 per year



Stationery can be ordered online at www.myschool.co.nz or in store, freephone, freefax and freepost. Online stationery purchases can be delivered to your home or school.

If you wish to purchase stationery elsewhere, download the form from www.myschool.co.nz. Make sure that you purchase the correct book type that teachers have specifically chosen to suit your child's level, needs and teaching requirements.

Having stationery at the beginning of starting school makes transition into school and learning easier.