Fia Fia Day 2015

Saturday March 28th, 10am to 2pm

We have decided to move Fiafia Day this year to Saturday March 28th, 10am to 2pm, as there was a clash with Polyfest on the 21st.

This is our big fundraiser for the year, and of course many hands make light work. We encourage parents to get involved in both preparations and on the day itself.

We will start collecting goods for the day from February 23rd. We have a BIG problem with storage this year, so are asking for clothing/white elephant/bric-à-brac to be sent in during the last two weeks.

All classes will organize an activity/stall for the day, but we ask parents to help on other major stalls and by donating items over the following time periods:

  • 16-20 February: Food and beauty items to make up our famous Newton Hampers for auction on the day — food items that have obviously not expired and beauty items like cleansers, shampoo, perfume, nail polish etc and of course EASTER EGGS!
  • 23-27 February: Bottles for our "Win a Bottle Stall" — anything in a bottle from disinfectant to whisky (e.g., shampoo, wine, cleaners, fizzy drink, water, spirits).
  • 2-6 March: The toy stall is always popular — a good time for children to recycle their toys.
  • 9-13 March: Clothing — clean, quality clothing — all ages, all sizes and all styles.
  • 16-20 March: Books for the whole family, fiction and non-fiction — bring them all.
  • 16-20 March: Bric-à-brac/White Elephant — household items in good working order. This is a favourite stall where you can pick up a bargain.
  • 23-27 March: Baking/Jams/Pickles/Crafts for our "Home Made and Home Grown" stall — flower and vegetable seedlings too!

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Every week there will be a reminder in our newsletter for the following week.
  2. Please do not send "expired date" food items.
  3. We only want items that work. It is too hard disposing of non-saleable items after Fiafia day — e.g., no old TVs or computers — ONLY working digital items.
  4. Any parents who feel they would like to run a stall other than the ones suggested, please leave a message at the office.
  5. Any parents with musical talent who would like to perform on the day, please let the office know. If you know of any performers who would give some time for such a good cause, again please let the office know or leave a message.
  6. Is there anyone out there with a bartender's licence to supervise the bar on the day?