B4 School CheckB4 School Check - Information

What are Before School checks?

Before School checks are FREE general health checks for children aged 4, to help make sure children are healthy and can learn well at school.

What does the Before School check do?

The purpose of the check is to promote health and wellbeing in preschool children, and ensure that children and their family are prepared for school. It includes a general health check completed by a qualified nurse, as well as a vision and hearing test. The nurse assessment usually takes 45-60 minutes.

Why should you get a Before School check?

We want to make sure children are healthy and well when they start school, so that they are able to learn and participate fully in their early years at school. It is also a chance to discuss your child's health and development with a nurse, and have access to any services that your child may need.

Where do I get a Before School check done?

In Auckland, a trained B4 School check nurse (usually at your local GP practice) will perform the general health check. The Vision and Hearing screening can either be done at an Early Childhood Centre, or at the Greenlane Hospital Clinic.

What happens if they find something wrong with my child?

If your child needs anything more, the nurse will either refer you to your doctor or other specialist services. This means the issue can be sorted before your child starts school so they are able to learn happily.

Where can I find out more about Before School checks?

Freephone 0800 104 105 or contact the nurse at your GP practice.
Or visit the Ministry of Health website for more information.